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The Blue-Red Grace Theorem

2nd International Convention on Geosciences and Remote Sensing

November 08-09, 2017 | Las Vegas, USA

Sheila Lynch-Benttinen

Independent Researcher, Duxbury MA USA

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Abstract :

The Blue-Red Grace Theorem posits that gravity data taken from two data collecting space satellites (The GRACE project, NASA��?s Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment) of Earth's crust, is data taken far enough away, as predicted by Einstein, to not adhere to classical mechanics, but to general relativity, with gravity being the warping of space time. The theorem is based on Einstein's insight into what gravity is, the warping of space-time fabric. Einstein's field equations are used by astrophysicists to adjust small movement in space, such as GPS data, to fit relativity, which are small adjustments, but gravity data taken of earth from space by microwave sensing theoretically shows mass warping space/time. The movement of mass is recorded as blue and the accretion of mass is recorded as red in the GRACE maps of the globe produced by NASA. The data shows ancient very large movements of mass warping space/time that point to ancient geological events. Time is relative in the data. The gravity data, according to the theorem, shows ancient movements of mass in blue associated with volcanoes, bolides, plate tectonics, and also mass accretion.

Biography :

Sheila Lynch-Benttinen has completed her Master’s degree from Harvard University. She is the Executive Director of The Northeast Advanced Vehicle Consortium, an organization in Boston, MA. She is an independent Researcher.