Team drug safety: Identifying the player and understanding their roles
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Team drug safety: Identifying the player and understanding their roles

Joint International Conference and Expo on Industrial Pharmacy & 5th Global Pharmacovigilance Summit

April 28-29, 2016 Dubai, UAE

Kelly L Traverso

Deloitte Consulting, LLC, USA

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Abstract :

In sports, teams are made of players that have specific responsibilities in ensuring the teamâ??s success. In order to work most efficiently and effectively, the players must communicate and strategize with each other and not operate completely independently. Drug Safety plays a very vital role throughout a product lifecycle, however many departments in an organization are not sure what Drug Safetyâ??s roles and responsibilities are and consequently do not include them in planning and strategizing activities. By using the concept of a team, this presentation will identify who the players are that make up â??Team Drug Safetyâ? (i.e. Regulatory Affairs, Data Management, Clinical Operations, etc.), what their role is and how they help the team achieve success within the Drug Safety arena. Areas that will be covered in the presentation include the following: The importance of communication among all the players ( i.e. departments), provide some â??real lifeâ? examples of what can happen if there is a lack of communication, suggestions and recommendations on how to improve collaboration and information sharing by using technology that is already being used in an organization.

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