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Synergistic effect of phosphoric acid and Ru/AC in the aqueous catalytic conversion of biomass-derived polyol into gasoline alkanes

3rd International Conference on Past and Present Research Systems of Green Chemistry

September 19-21, 2016 Las Vegas, USA

Yujing Weng, Songbai Qiu, Lungang Chen, Mingyue Ding, Longlong Ma and Tiejun Wang

Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

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Abstract :

Aqueous phase hydrodeoxygenation as a catalytic process to remove the total or partial oxygenates from water-soluble biomass-derived oxygenates, plays critical roles in the high-energy-density hydrocarbons productions. Here, Ru/ AC catalyst was selected to conversion acidic biomass-derived polyol solution (co-fed with phosphoric acid) into gasoline alkanes in fixed-bed reactor as its high catalytic activity and good resistance property in acid environment. Interestingly, the catalytic system showed completed polyol conversion and high C5/C6 (pentane and hexane) selectivity (83%). To identify the active chemical states of reaction Ru/C catalyst for this reaction, a series of pre- and post characterization studies have been performed. N2 adsorption-desorption isotherm and FTIR results showed that the physisorption and chemisorption of polyol molecule and ionized phosphorus groups on Ru/AC catalyst. The phosphoric acid on catalysts would weaken the metallic property of Ru and produced RuOx/Ru complex. XPS and HRTEM spectrums were further confirmed the synergistic effect of phosphoric acid and Ru/AC.

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