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Gynecology & Obstetrics
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South African Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (SASOG) BetterObs initiative

4th International Conference on Gynecology & Obstetrics

October 02-04, 2017 Barcelona, Spain

Johannes van Waart

South African Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, South Africa

Keynote: Gynecol Obstet (Sunnyvale)

Abstract :

Obstetric indemnity insurance in South Africa has spiraled out of control and the cost to obtain indemnity insurance for private practice obstetrics in 2017 is R 850000 (â�?¬ 60000) per year. This compared to obstetric indemnity insurance costs of R 250000 (â�?¬ 17000) per year in 2013. 15% of obstetricians in private practice have stopped their private practice obstetrics in 2016, with a further 20% most likely to stop in 2017. If this spiraling trend is not halted, it is estimated that private practice obstetrics in RSA will collapse/be unavailable in 2020. 140000 private deliveries are done annually in RSA. The main driver of these unfortunate events is the depletion of the road accident fund that had the effect that the legal profession has focused on obstetrics as an alternative to litigate. Due to some inherent administrative weaknesses in private practice obstetrics in RSA, SASOG championed the BetterObs initiative to counter this unfortunate turn of events. The key players in this initiative are: obstetricians, pediatricians, private hospital groups and private patients. Obstetric protocols, complete discharge notes by obstetricians and pediatricians, the newly formed Expert Opinion and Mediation Committee (EOMC), the SASOG peer review committee, two monthly maternal and pediatric mortality and morbidity (M and M) meetings as well as the mediation before litigation principle (supported by the RSA minister of health) started the turnaround process. This initiative is led by the SASOG BetterObs management team. The functioning and initial results of this initiative will be discussed and highlighted.

Biography :

Johannes van Waart matriculated at Oudtshoorn High School in 1978. He completed his BSc and MSc in Nuclear Physics at University of Stellenbosch. He worked as a Senior Scientist at Atomic Energy Corporation in Pretoria from 1984-1988. He completed two years of compulsory military training at the School of Engineers in Kroonstad. He started his medical studies at University of Stellenbosch and completed his MBChB in 1994. He worked in the UK for six months and returned to RSA to work as a Medical Officer until 1997. He started as a Registrar in the Department of O+G at the Tygerberg Hospital and completed his MMed/FCOG (SA) in 2001. He joined private practice in Stellenbosch and lectured part time at University of Stellenbosch Medical School. He completed his fellowship in Reproductive Medicine in 2007 and started the Wijnland Fertility Unit in 2010. During his career, he authored and co-authored 19 national and international publications and has given numerous talk at national and international congresses. He is the current Secretary of the South African Menopause Society (SAMS) and served on the South African Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (SASOG) since 2012, currently serving as the SASOG President (2015-2018). He is currently pursuing one year Post-graduate Diploma in Business Management and Administration at the University of Stellenbosch Business School.