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Snow white-a life in the midst of emotional dwarfs: A clinical case study of long-term psychotherapy of a recurrently sexually abused patient

4th International Conference on Depression, Anxiety and Stress Management

May 10-11, 2018 | Frankfurt, Germany

Maria Teresa Aydemir

Eastern and Central European Community of Jungian Analysts (ECECJA), Poland
International Association for Analytical Psychology, Poland

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Abstract :

The purpose of this presentation is to discuss an issue of stress connected with sexual abuse in childhood. Special attention will be paid to the subject of long-term stress reaction to this type of abuse. Primarily, its impact on a person's adult life will be analyzed. This topic will be illustrated by a case study of a therapy of an adult female patient who persistently fell victim to sexual molestation as a child. The matters of an incest, pedophilia, alcoholism and domestic abuse will also be discussed here. During my over 20-year clinical practice, both in the health mental clinics and private consulting rooms, I repeatedly faced the problem of various types of sexual violence in my patients' life stories. A large number of my adult patients permanently endured long-term stress resulting from sexual assaults which took place in their childhood. As a psychologist and analyst, I accompanied them in their process of recovery. The history of struggling by one of those patients with difficulties in overcoming this ordeal stress will be the guide thread of my presentation. The â�?�?Snow Whiteâ�? fairytale will be used as a metaphor to picture the trauma which the patient had to go through. As it was in the case of the main character of the fairytale, my patient's dazzling beauty also put her in trouble. Just like Snow White, she also suffered from a harrowing relationship with her mother. Just like Snow White was abandoned in the forest, my patient, as a child, was also left alone with all her unbearable feelings of pain, dread, helplessness and loss. The lecture will be delivered in the form of a 25-minute multi-media oral presentation in English.

Biography :

Maria Teresa Aydemir is a Certified Jungian Analyst, Clinical Psychologist and Individual and Group Analytical Psychotherapist with over 20 years of clinical experience in the field of Psychotherapy and Psychological Assessment. She majored in long-term analytical psychotherapy of patients suffering from various conditions linked to traumatization. During several years, she worked in the health mental clinics in the Upper Silesian Region in south-western Poland. She is currently working only in her own private practice in Katowice, Poland. She is an Individual Member of the International Association for Analytical Psychology and a Founder-Member and the President of the Board of Directors of the Eastern and Central European Community of Jungian Analysts. She is also a President of the Board of Trustees in a charitable Foundation Footprints. She has been a Speaker on several international conferences in Europe and in Japan. She has authored several articles and guest of radio and TV programmes on the mental health.