School childrens growth and development phenomena in one of the S | 17504
Anatomy & Physiology: Current Research

Anatomy & Physiology: Current Research
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ISSN: 2161-0940

School childrens growth and development phenomena in one of the Southern Federal District of Russia

International Conference on Anatomy and Physiology

August 11-13, 2016 Birmingham, UK

V B Voynov, S N Kulba and Yu Yu Arapova

Russian Academy of Science, Russia
Southern Federal University, Russia

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Abstract :

More than 190000 school children aged between 7 and 17 years of 232 regular schools of Rostov region (Southern Federal District of Russia) participated in current study (it is about 40% of school children living in Rostov region). The purpose of this study was to develop references for growth and physical development of school children from Rostov region. According to our data, at the period of life from 6 to 18 years children have intensive growth and physical development. The boys and girls have the similar age-related changes of weight, height and other functional parameters of organism. But girl��?s height and weight values demonstrated acceleration from 10 to 12 years and its deceleration after 14 years. The height and weight values monotonically increased in boys with ages and accelerated between 12 and 13 years. The girls were taller than boys at the 11-12 years. Girls had acceleration at ages between 11��?14 years to the weight, height, force index and respiratory output data. The boys had height acceleration since 12-13 years to 18 years and changing of height is monotonically across all ages. In whole, data of current study have showed what children��?s development realized not only in relation with ontogeny but in accord with ecological and social factors too.

Biography :

V B Voynov has completed his PhD in 1992 from Rostov State University (Russia) and Dr. Sci. Biol. in 2011 from Astrakhan University. He is the Associate Professor and leading Researcher at the Department of Physiology, Institute of Arid Zones of the Southern Scientific Center, Institution of the Russian Academy of Science. His research interests are general and sports psychophysiology; age aspects of psychophysiology; comparative physiology of the problem; electrophysiology; the behavior of higher mammals. He has published more than 180 papers in reputed journals.