Safety levels of entomopathogenic fungi Beauvaria bassiana Vuille | 52582
Journal of Clinical Toxicology

Journal of Clinical Toxicology
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Safety levels of entomopathogenic fungi Beauvaria bassiana Vuillemin and Metarhizium anisopliae against stored product insects on male albino rat

4th Global Summit on Toxicology

August 24-26, 2015 Philadelphia, USA

Eweis E A, H A El Sgabrawy, G E Sewify and Magda H Naroz

Scientific Tracks Abstracts: J Clin Toxicol

Abstract :

The fungi effects were investigated using male albino rats (100 g) body weight which was ingested at five concentrations
(0.03-0.18Canidia/g) each fungi for two months relative to normal control. The body weight rats and weight organs (liver – brain
and kidney) were paralleled in two fungi after treatment. In the case of B. bassiana, there was slight effect in total proteins, total lipids,
glucose 6- phosphate, acid phosphate and alkaline phosphate, but M. anisophial had no effect on rats. The results of the present work
advice the need to use fungi in stored products insects and safety exposure of human.

Biography :

Eweis E A has completed his PhD at the age of 32 years from Cairo University. He is a pesticide Professor, a member in the committee of pesticides- Ministry of Agriculture,
Egypt and a member at the Egyptian Academy of Scientific Research and Technology, Cairo-Egypt. He has published more than 45 papers in reputed journals and is serving
as an Editorial Board Member of the Bulletin of the Entomological Society of Egypt. He has participated in several national and international conferences.