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Resistant hypertension: What do we need to know?

16th World Cardiology Congress

December 08-10, 2016 Dubai, UAE

Atef Elbahry

Port Fouad General Hospital, Egypt

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Abstract :

Resistant hypertension is a condition with difficult clinical management & high cardiovascular risk. Treatment or true resistant hypertension is a diagnosis of exclusion requiring a systemic approach to evaluation & management. The first step in the diagnosis of true resistant hypertension is the exclusion of causes of pseudo-resistance hypertension. Most epidemiological studies evaluating the prognosis of true resistance hypertension have limitations such as lack of uniformity in definitions & informations on drugs used, inclusion cases of pseudo-resistant hypertension as well as insufficient follow up time & exclusion of young people. New defintion is needed & definition should have global standards. Successful treatment requires identification and reversal of lifestyle factors contributing to treatment resistance. Recomendations for pharmacological treatment of true resistant hypertension remain largely empiric due to the lack of systemic assessments of three or four drugs combinations. Expanding our understanding of the causes of true resistant hypertenstion & therapy potentially allowing for more effective prevention &/or treatment will be essential to improve the long term clinical management of this disorder.

Biography :

Atef Elbahry has completed his MBBcH in 1977, MSc in 1983, MRCP in 1995 and his PhD in Clinical Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy in 1999. He is a Fellow of American College of Angiology, a member of American Hypertension Society. He is a Principal Investigator in Global Anticoagulation Registry in the FIELD (GARFIELD) and in Heart Failure Long Term Registry. He is a Consultant Cardiologist and Head of CCU- Port Fouad Hospital, Egypt.