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Journal of Alcoholism & Drug Dependence

Journal of Alcoholism & Drug Dependence
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Reporting from Ho Chi Minh City

Webinar on World Conference on Addiction Psychiatry - July 19-20, 2021 | Webinar

July 19-20, 2021 | Webinar

Tony T Tarn

Psychotherapy and Psychiatrist Associations, USA

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Abstract :

Beginning from 4:00 PM, all the pubs and the bars in Ho chi MINH city (Formerly known as SAIGON) are filled of people to start drinking, and drinking heavily... This phenomenon happened after the Communist took over the South Vietnam, and began to ease the restriction that allow the people to consume the alcohol as a part of new economic development and planning by the Central Communist Party in HANOI By 6:00 PM, there will be more people gathering outside the bars and by 8:00 PM to Midnight, crowd is getting bigger and bigger...This scene can be seen, not only in a few places in the city, but in ALL bars and pubs in HO CHI MINH city, and all cities in South Vietnam every night... all year long Getting to a point that the supply can NOT meet the demand, that only rich people can get the real alcohol for consumption, and poor people can only get the poor quality beer which can cause the danger for their health...South Vietnameses consumed more alcohol than all the countries in SOUTH-EAST ASIA combined, they lead the world in alcohol consumption per capita by far, and it it the trademark when you visit South Vietnam What is about drinking at home? It has NO FUN - One man told me in the interview " It costed more when you drink in a bar, but you join with your friends to have a good time ... and see others to do the same, it is beyond fun, it is the ecstasy" I asked the same man, if there is no friend to go out to the bar with him...Would he do that alone? HELL NO, the man proclaimed... then, I discovered the reason The reason that people go out to the pubs or the bars drinking at night, not because they have the urge of alcohol, but because they want to be socialized with friends, and alcohol is a part of the equation ... The Vietnamese has an old saying " Let's start the talk with a BIG SMILE and a SIP OF WINE" From this reporting, I have a conclusion that is; the people not only being addicted by the tangible things like alcohol, food, cigarette, sex or pornography... but more importantly, human being has the tendency to be addicted by having good time, love, attention, compassion and friendship as well...People who are addicted to pornography, mostly because they are lonely... as soon as they find a friend to keep himself occupied, the porn problem is gone.

Biography :

Tony Tran is the Associate Member at American Psychological, Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist Associations (Online). He is the Founder of the INTERNATIONAL ETHNIC/IMMIGRANT MENTAL HEALTH PROJECT and the International expert in the ETHNIC and CULTURAL DIVERSITY issues. His TransTronics NY Company specializing in electronic medical record...He is the author of TEAM (The Ethnic American Market concept) and TIPS (Total Identity Protection Services).