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Relations between sport, diet and health

International Conference on Protein Engineering

October 26-28, 2015 Chicago, USA

Azim Charoosaee

Islamic Azad University, Iran

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Abstract :

Physical education is the interdisciplinary study of physical activity, human movement and athletic performance. This course explores many aspects of anatomy and physiology, exercise physiology, sports injuries, rehabilitation, nutrition, psychology, biomechanics and socio-cultural issues within sport and physical education. Diets can help to combat depression and improve your mood. Depression will get eliminated if the diet consists of nutritional and healthy foods. Indeed, certain foods are not good for physical health which enhances mental and emotional states. There are several causes of depression. This paper resulted in an annual research project which will show that correct sport and true diet will be very useful to a persons��? health and they, altogether help man to do social activities better and to be a good sports person.

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