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Regenerative medicine in geriatrics

16th World Congress on Tissue Engineering, Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Research & 6th World Congress on Oncology and Cancer Research

May 12, 2022 | Joint Webinar

P V Prabhakar Rao

MNR Medical College & Hospital, India

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Abstract :

From birth to death in human being, many biological changes occur. This is visciated more by co morbidities like cancer in geriatrics. Biological changes: 1. Hair Turns Gray 2. Wrinkles Appear 3. Fat Replaces Lean Body Mass 4. Loss of Bone and Muscle Mass 5. Decrement in Lung Function 6. Hypertension, IHD 7. Renal Changes 8. Degeneration of the Brain Cells 9. Loss of Vision Acuity and Deafness 10. Cognitive Changes 11. Learning Disability 12. Alzheimer’s’ Disease 13. Osteoporosis In 60% of Woman above 70yrs of Age 14. Diabetes mellitus etc.., Thus, it is a continued process of concurrent aging and co morbidities. The regeneration can occur or be regarded as below: Life: Nanotechnology has given new insight into retarding and repair of the tissues. Thus, it is very much helpful in the geriatrics. The process includes targeted cell implantation, biomimicking cell membranes, Polymers with programmable conformation and implant rejection,.

Biography :

P V Prabhakar Rao is working as Emeritus Prof. at MNR Medical College & Hospital, Sangareddy, Telangana, India. He studied MBBS at Utkal University (1970) and MD (Respiratory Medicine) 1982 Sambalpur University. He served as professor in India and abroad. He has several publications in various journals and books. He is an Editor of Lung India and Indian Journal of Mednodent and Allied Sciences. He is fellow of _ACCP (USA), NCCP (India). Best Teacher Awardee on International Teacher’s day -2005. Recognition for Teaching Innovations 2011. Chaired a session of SAARC, WHO.1987.

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