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Process reconstruction of ancient channel deposition based on the modern geomorphology characteristics of meandering rivers

2nd International Convention on Geosciences and Remote Sensing

November 08-09, 2017 | Las Vegas, USA

Zhipeng Lin

Yangtze University, China

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Abstract :

The techniques of the sedimentary and depositional process are increasingly becoming a globalization trend of the advancement and development of earth science research at home and abroad, and are gradually penetrating into the geological disciplines, which is based on the geomorphology foundation. Especially, the evolution of the meandering river is definitely calling for this kind of method to reveal the historical evolution rule of the geological elements and guides. Combined the modern geomorphologic features with the ancient deposition cause, the sedimentary architectures of meandering channel underground are accurately uncovered. Currently, the reservoirs of the meandering river are one of the most important types of continental reservoirs. The study of the structure of the underground body is also the key for scientists and geologists to prove the distribution of remaining oil reserving in the underground space. Therefore, in order to tackle the problem of reservoir heterogeneity of temporal and spatial distributions of the underground meandering river and reconstruct the past depositional process, the prime task is to master the disciplines of modern geomorphology. Though the study of migration architectures of the modern meandering river, the evolution process and the structural response to the sedimentary hierarchy can be revealed originally from beginning to an end.

Biography :

Zhipeng Lin is a Post-graduate student, doing his research work in the Department of School of Geosciences, Yangtze University, Wuhan, Hubei, China. He has his expertise in the research of fluvial sedimentology, fluvial morphology, fluvial environment, reservoir architecture and unconformity structure. He has carried out research of Geology for 6 years and has completed 11 more academic papers. Firstly, he proposed the unconformity structure of “two-dimensional structure” and “three-dimensional structure” and the channel platform migration architecture of meandering rivers. He is now been serving as an Editorial Board Member of the “SciFed Journal of Global Warming”.