Phytotherapy pain modulation in diabetic neuropathy
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Journal of Developing Drugs
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Phytotherapy pain modulation in diabetic neuropathy

International Conference and Exhibition on Pharmaceutical Development and Technology

April 24-26, 2017 Dubai, UAE

Samer Jallad and Mohammad Baker Houri

Beirut Arab University, Lebanon

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Abstract :

Diabetes mellitus resulted in 1.5 million deaths in 2012, making it the 8th leading cause of death as estimated by the World Health Organization (WHO).Diabetic neuropathy is the most common secondary complication related to diabetes mellitus and is associated with elevated pain,nerve fiber degeneration,and slow nerve conduction velocity. Phytotherapy has been emerging with different treatment regimens for various diseases having fewer side effects than synthetic drugs.The talk will discussthe previous studies on effects of quercetin on pain sensation and the neuroprotective effect of Naringin. Future studies will focus on the reduction of tramadol dose in alloxanated mice when administered along with flavonoidal combination.

Biography :

SamerJallad is a senior student at the Faculty of Pharmacy,Beirut Arab University,graduating in July 2017 with a cumulative GPA of 3.62.Samer had interest in research since his first years of study;he joined the junior research team at the faculty where outstanding students with interest in research apply their knowledge in phytotherapy research.Samer attended several conferences in Lebanon and Berlin where he presented posters done by the research team.Also,he had 2 internships at AstraZeneca® Pharmaceuticals in summer 2015 and 2016.He is also the head of the student activities department and a member of the Quality Assurance Unit at the Faculty of Pharmacy at BAU.

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