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Pharmaceutical biotechnology manufacturing the future of medicine

Joint International Conference and Expo on Industrial Pharmacy & 5th Global Pharmacovigilance Summit

April 28-29, 2016 Dubai, UAE

Abdulaziz Saddique

Qimat Taiba Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Factory, Saudi Arabia

Keynote: J Develop Drugs

Abstract :

Pharmaceutical Biotechnology is an increasingly significant field of science and engineering, it revolutionizes the ways by which diseases are diagnosed, treated, and foreclosed. Biopharmaceutics contributes to the design and delivery of new therapeutic drugs, development of diagnostic agents for medical examinations and developing Monoclonal Antibody for Cancer therapy. The societal implications of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology are similarly widespread, ranging from many ethical issues of identifying and treating various hereditary diseases, to changes in healthcare practices and a significant contribution to national economic development. In Saudi Arabia 30% of the population are diabetics, 5% are Hemophiliac, 7% have Thalassemia major and 5-7% have an end stage kidney disease and are on dialysis. This shows the expanding market of Biotechnology products need. Due to the difference in genomes and the potential risk involved with the preparation, administration and the consequences of vaccinations, it is essential to develop the necessary vaccines within every country. It is an essential component of the National Security to have our own biotechnology, studying our own genomes and developing all the necessary vaccines, medications and hormones in accordance to our own genetic code. This paper will outline the potential risk of some vaccines, the impact on the individuals and communities. It will demonstrate the value of having R&D and not just being a copier of what other nations have created and engineered. Also we will discuss our own biotechnology plan for the near future as well as the long term.

Biography :

Abdulaziz A Saddique has a Bachelor of Pharmacy Degree from King Saud University and Doctorate degree in Clinical Pharmacy from the University of Minnesota. He is a Certified Clinical Toxicologist and Clinical Pharmacy Specialist in Intensive Care, also is a Certified Professional in Health Care Quality (CPHQ), California, USA and Certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt. He is a member of King Abdulaziz Quality Award, Committee, and Healthcare Standards Committee Ministry of Health. He published seven books on Quality Management, Pharmacy, and Toxicology and more than 100 papers in national and international journals.