Personalized Medicine: Reducing the cost and improving the effectiveness of drug therapy and health care
Drug Designing: Open Access

Drug Designing: Open Access
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Personalized Medicine: Reducing the cost and improving the effectiveness of drug therapy and health care

Joint Meeting on 20th World Conference on Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Drug Design & 10th Annual Congress on Drug Formulation & Analytical Techniques

December 10-11, 2018 Dubai, UAE

J Golbahar

Biochemical Genetic Unit of Shiraz Genetic Centre, Iran

Keynote: Drug Des

Abstract :

Personalized medicine is a form of medicine that uses information about a personâ??s genes, biochemical genetics and environment to prevent, diagnose, and treat disease. The benefits of this approach are; accuracy, efficacy, safety and speed. It could Lead to innovation and to improve standard of the health care. Although the drug therapy and pharmacological approach are used to treat patients with diagnosed or undiagnosed genetic disorders, however molecular and biochemical genetic testing are very important to diagnose patients with specific genetic disorders and drug therapy should be tailored according to their genetic make up. With an advanced in human genome project and state of the art technologies for biochemical and molecular genetic testing, it is now possible to use an specific drug therapy for the patients with genetic disorders. In this presentation the importance of molecular medicine contribution toward the drug treatments of patients with genetic disorders that saves lives and reducing the cost of the health care is discussed with emphasis that we are looking for a future in which molecular and biochemical genetics used as predicative, preventive and personalized approach particularly in the Middle East region with the high incidence of genetic disorders.

Biography :

A highly motivated clinical scientist capable of delivering a high quality of routine clinical biochemistry, biochemical (Newborn Screening) and molecular genetic services. With the experience of leading Diagnostic services, I have first-rate organizational skills and the ability to produce a consistently high standard of routine clinical biochemistry, newborn screening and molecular testing services. With excellent interpersonal skills, I am an effective team leader and player and am capable of engaging and liaising with a broad range of individuals from a variety of backgrounds in the health academic and industry.

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