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Emergency Medicine: Open Access

Emergency Medicine: Open Access
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Personalized and precision medicine (ppm) as a unique healthcare model to secure the human healthcare, wellness and biosafety through the view of public health

5th International conference on Emergency & Acute Care Medicine & 11th International Conference on Epidemiology & Public Health

July 18-19, 2022 | Joint Webinar

Sergey Suchkov

A.I. Evdokimov MGMSU, Russian Federation

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Abstract :

Policy formation in the field of individual health promotion and protection is one of the priority tasks of national healthcare systems. Canonical health care is becoming increasingly unaffordable in most of the countries, yet it remains ineffective in preventing or effectively treating chronic diseases. The medicine of the XXI century is Personalized & Precision Medicine (PPM), by protecting and preserving human health throughout the life. In this regard, an upgraded model of healthcare service, which includes the philosophy, principles and armamentarium of PPM and aimed at identifying the disorder at its early (subclinical) stage, is being created and set up. PPM focuses on predictive and preventive measures that contribute to the development of individualized strategies for managing a healthy lifestyle that stabilize morbidity rates and can help to improve the working capacity of the population. To achieve the goals of value-based healthcare and the implementation of the PPM concept, it is necessary to combine the assets of the newest advances in basic science with clinical medicine, followed by the introduction and promotion of new generation’s translational applications. Opportunities exist at every stage of disease initiation and progression to develop a Personalized Health Plan (PHP) addressing lifestyle, risk modification and disease management, and later, Personalized Health Management & Wellness Program (PHM&WP). So, a combination of genomic and phenome-related biomarkers is becoming of great significance to be applied in PPM and need to be translated into the daily practice to predict risks of the disease chronification and thus of disabling. PPM has drastically changed and is keeping on changing the landscape of healthcare. In reality, PPM is the new revolution in medicine which is dramatically modifying the traditional paradigm in medicine with huge consequences for health care systems. And putting PPM-tools in a public health perspective requires an apprehension of the current and future public health challenges. Due to our experience, a symbiotic relationship between public health and PPM may exist. And this approach will be possible only with the integration of data across levels of influence and analytic wisdom in using those data toward better identification of disease and lifestyle risks. In this sense, all healthcare professionals of the future should be educated to deliver patient-centric care as members of interdisciplinary teams, emphasizing evidence-based practice, quality improvement approaches and bioinformatics.

Biography :

Sergey Suchkov was born in the City of Astrakhan, Russia, in a family of dynasty medical doctors. In 1980, graduated from Astrakhan State Medical University and was awarded with MD. In 1985, Suchkov maintained his PhD as a PhD student of the I.M. Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy and Institute of Medical Enzymology. In 2001, Suchkov maintained his Doctor Degree at the National Institute of Immunology, Russia.