Overview of experience and future developments with transvaginal endoscopy: Serbian experience
Gynecology & Obstetrics

Gynecology & Obstetrics
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Overview of experience and future developments with transvaginal endoscopy: Serbian experience

5th International Conference on Gynecology and Obstetrics

October 08-10, 2018 | Zurich, Switzerland

Kopitovic Vesna and Stevan Milatovic

Ferona Fertility Clinic, Serbia

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Abstract :

Transvaginal endoscopy (TVE) considers as a minimal invasive endoscopic method, involves hysteroscopy, transvaginal laparoscopy and salpingoscopy. It gives a new approach to both basic evaluation of marital infertility and treatment of certain pathologies of the lesser pelvis regarding reproduction. The multiple role of TVE in the contemporary treatment of infertility is the subject of many controversies and the continuous debate regarding it being justified as a standard infertility treatment. Another aspect is the role of TVE prior to some of the methods of assisted reproductive technologies (ART). The aim of this paper is to try, through the analysis of the available professional literature, to make the role of TVE clearer, as well as to show our experience on the subject in order to find out how big is its contribution to human reproduction. The concept of one-day diagnostics, which is so called one stop fertility clinic, is performed in the Ferona Fertility Clinic on a daily basis. It consists of a detailed interview with a couple, gynecology and ultrasound exam, spermiogram and basic hormone tests, transvaginal endoscopy-diagnostic or operative, talking with the couple and giving results on the same day, as well as giving advice on the proper infertility treatment. By forming infertility diagnostics protocols which use the methods of transvaginal endoscopy, we consider that it is possible to adequately and accurately evaluate fertility within the shortest possible time by which a large contribution is given to the field of infertility. Transvaginal endoscopy used as a treatment is a minimally invasive operative approach for infertile patients, at the same time setting a new challenge in the field of endoscopy with trained gynecologists. It replaced standard laparoscopy in certain indication fields and it eventually confirmed the necessity of its use in recurrent IVF implantation failure, raising the question of its routine use prior to the first IVF cycle which is a topic that requires further randomized trials.

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