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Non-invasive ventilation in the emergency department: Indications and advantages and the benefit of an extensive training program

International Conference on Emergency and Acute Care Medicine

August 22-23, 2018 Tokyo, Japan

Roberta Petrino

S. Andrea Hospital, Italy

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Abstract :

Respiratory failure is one of the most challenging complaints of patients presenting to the ED and very often a rapid and appropriate intervention is limiting morbidity and mortality and permits to avoid invasive intervention like endotracheal intubation and admission in the Intensive Care Unit. Patients with Acute Cardiogenic Pulmonary Edema, COPD Exacerbation, lung contusion and very often pneumonia, may benefit of early treatment with Non-Invasive Ventilation (NIV) directly in the ED. The presentation focuses on the analysis of the most recent use of NIV in early stages of Acute Respiratory Failure (ARF), with the pathophysiologic distinction of hypercapnic and hypoxemic ARF, the use of different ventilation modalities, devices and interfaces and the presentation of the Italian experience. It presents the outcomes of an extensive training program in changing the clinical behavior in different EDs and the advantage in terms of reduction of ICU admissions, hospital length of staying, and potential economic advantage.

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