Non-GMO genetically edited crop plants | 5068
Current Synthetic and Systems Biology

Current Synthetic and Systems Biology
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ISSN: 2332-0737

Non-GMO genetically edited crop plants

International Conference on Synthetic Biology

September 28-29, 2015 Houston, USA

Chidananda Nagamangala Kanchiswamy

Fondazione Edmund Mach, Italy

Posters-Accepted Abstracts: Curr Synthetic Sys Biol

Abstract :

The availability of genome sequences of many crop plants accompanied with revolution of new genome editing tools provided a breakthrough in modulating novel traits with unprecedented control and accuracy. However, plasmid mediated delivery of these genome editing components into cells can results in uncontrolled, random integration of plasmid sequences, potential safety problems, possible GMO regulations and other social hurdles. Here, we would like to propose direct delivery of purified Cas9 protein with guide RNA into plant cells. This method has shown high efficiency, significantly reduced offtarget effects and immediate genome editing after delivery compared to plasmid mediated genome editing. Furthermore, Cas9 protein-guide RNA complexes will be decomposed immediately after editing the gene of interest and thus there is huge possibility to be considered as Non-GMO crop plants.

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