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Advances in Medical Research

Advances in Medical Research
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Neuroplasticity Therapies

10th Edition of International Conference on OTORHINOLARYNGOLOGY

November 22, 2021 Webinar

Gemma Herbertson

Founder Neuro Frontiers United Kingdom

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Abstract :

• Introduction to Neuroplasticity Therapies
• Purposes and aims of Neuroplasticity Therapies
• How this emerging field has arisen
• What therapies this term umbrellas
• A new paradigm: Treat the Patient, not the diagnosis
• Future of the field
• Further resources
Gemma Herbertson, Founder Neuro Frontiers

Biography :

My training is from Institute for Neuro-Physiological Psychology (accredited by University of Central Lancashire), Carrick Institute (USA), Kharrazian Institute (USA). Rhythmic Movement Therapy (UK), Johansen Individualised Auditory Stimulation Therapy, (Denmark), Family Hope Centre (USA), Gillespie Approach Cranio-Sacral Fascial Therapy (USA), The Neuroscience Academy (Australia).