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Drug Designing: Open Access
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Nanotechnology Feeding the World? The impact of nanotechnology on what and how we eat

9th International Conference on Pharmaceutical Research and Drug Discovery & 8th International Conference on Analytical Chemistry and Chromatographic Methods

July 27, 2022 | Webinar

Ilise L Feitshans JD

European Scientific Institute, France

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Abstract :

After two years of remote learning due to the Covid pandemic, we are planning on the 2022 edition of the Safer Nanomaterials summer school being once again held in face-to-face format at the European Scientific Institute in Archamps, Greater Geneva. The focus of the 20222 edition is nanotechnology and food safety, in particular the implications of the European Food Safety Authority’s “Field to Fork” strategy*: Nanostructures in agriculture and products including nanopesticides, nano-fertilisers and nano-plastics (the latter may be part of filler or packaging residue) secure transport of food (thereby reduced food waste and insurance costs), assessing nanotoxicity in food packaging, assessing contact transmission nanotoxicity of nano food-additives and 3D-printed foods, including possible migration or uptake of nanoparticles, and how nano-enabled foods advance the operationalization of human rights to health. Geopolitical and law implications of food distribution of nanoenabled foods, taking into account new foods.

Biography :

Ilise L Feitshans JD is a Director of Safer Nanomaterials and Fellow in International Law of Nanotechnology, European Scientific Institute, Archamps, France.

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