Modern green chemistry considerations in synthetic medicinal chem | 33686
Organic Chemistry: Current Research

Organic Chemistry: Current Research
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ISSN: 2161-0401

Modern green chemistry considerations in synthetic medicinal chemistry

3rd International Conference on Past and Present Research Systems of Green Chemistry

September 19-21, 2016 Las Vegas, USA

Andrew C Flick

Pfizer Global Research & Development, USA

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Abstract :

As the pharmaceutical industry continues to evolve, increased attention to the environmental impact of drug discovery and manufacturing processes has continued to drive a focus on the application of green chemistry principles across the continuum of drug discovery. With the development of new synthetic strategies, methodologies, and technologies that are enabling rapid access to a diverse range of valuable chemical space, opportunities continue to surface to identify and implement sustainable processes. Examples of the development and application of green chemistry principles within the synthetic routes for our drug discovery programs will be discussed. As complexity increases within modern molecular targets, the discipline must continue to focus on identifying and applying these efficiencies wherever possible.

Biography :

Andy was born and raised in St. Louis, MO. After earning a BA in Chemistry from Lake Forest College in 2000, he joined Abbott Laboratories’ Diagnostics Group in Abbott Park, Illinois. He then moved to Array BioPharma in Longmont, CO in 2001 as a Research Associate in their Process Chemistry Group. In 2003, he joined Professor Albert Padwa’s laboratory at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia where he successfully demonstrated a Michael addition-Nitrone dipolar cycloaddition approach for the total synthesis of the marine natural alkaloid cylindricine C. Upon obtaining his PhD in 2008, he joined the Worldwide Medicinal Chemistry group at Pfizer in Groton, CT. He has been involved with numerous small molecule discovery projects within the Neurosciences, Rare Diseases, and Inflammation & Immunology therapeutic areas. Andy has authored over 30 peer-reviewed publications and patents, including contributions to an annual review on synthetic approaches to newly approved drugs. His hobby interests include cooking, ice hockey, poker, and boating.