Isolation and identification of pathogenic bacteria using 16s rRN | 24900
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Isolation and identification of pathogenic bacteria using 16s rRNA from larvivorous fish, Poecilia reticulata

Bishwambhar Mishra, Kalyani Rath, Apoorvi Chaudhri


Abstract :

Mosquito control programmes are gaining importance. One of the important programme for the mosquito control is using larvicidal fishes which remove the larvae growing in the known places where water tanks are being used. However, the fishes may dye and may rot in the water. These rotten fish may be source of pathogenic bacteria. Fish was killed by putting in sterile empty petri plate. Samples were collected from mucus and body surface of the dead fish. Water samples of the vessel were live fishes were reared was also taken. Dead fish was kept in water for a few minutes in water and this water sample was considered as water sample of dead fish. All the samples were streaked on Citrate, McConkey, EMB, Deoxycholate, N-Agar, Bismuth Sulphite, Anaerobic, Live Veal, Hearth-Infusion, Brilliant Green Agar plates. The samples were incubated for 24 hrs at 37�C. Isolates were screen in the respective agar plates. Biochemical tests were carried out on each pure isolates mainly for Fermentation test, Urea test, Motility and Indole production. Selected isolates were also tested on Hi25 Enterobacteriaceae test kit for identification. Total 36 gram negative isolates were observed. 16s rRNA was carried out for the confirmation of the species.