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Intervention in the school field

4th International Conference on Depression, Anxiety and Stress Management

May 10-11, 2018 | Frankfurt, Germany

Sophia Almpani

Costeas Geitonas School, Greece

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Abstract :

At CGS the school psychology department draws and implements the services towards the school community â�?�? children/ teachers/families with a systemic point of view. Our services expand in two basic axes: Promoting mental health, by implementing Primary Prevention Programs in classrooms, according to the developmental needs of each age group. At Nursery we work on diversity, at First Grade on Team building, at Second, on Feelings, at Third, on Self-image, at Fourth, on Conflict, at Fifth, on Bulling and at Sixth, on sex education. With adolescents we work on safer â�?�? internet, professional orientation and exam anxiety. The secondâ�?�?s axe target is to identify any psychological mood disorder in our student population and treat it properly. Children experience separation anxiety, peer pressure, performance anxiety, divorce, grief and chronic illness. We follow a structure which includes observation, psychological assessment, therapeutic sessions and counseling with parents. Based on familyâ�?�?s narratives, change occurs. A differentiated procedure of thinking occurs, communication patterns change, personal attitudes change, and a better feeling is stated. We present the following case study: John is a 6-year-old boy. His teacher reports a deep sad feeling. His mother reports death anxiety. Johnâ�?�?s sister, Anna, is diagnosed with cancer. She had a surgery recently. She is under chemotherapy and cannot attend school. Our department drew the classroom intervention plan such as explanation of illness through metaphor-sometimes beautiful gardens needs medicine to grow stronger; communication with Anna using technology; communication with the hospitalâ�?�?s psychologists and preparing party on her birthday. Psychological assessment of John involved psychoeducational support; counseling with parents; referral to the Grief Organization â�?�?Merimnaâ�?. The above intervention had following impact: 1. according to familyâ�?�?s narrations, John is feeling better, attending the appointments with the school psychologist. His drawings are colorful. 2. Annaâ�?�?s parents feel comfortable at the sessions in â�?�?Merimnaâ�?. Anna will soon attend school.

Biography :

Sophia Almpani is a Psychologist with MSc in School Psychology and a Family Therapist at Costeas Geitonas School. She is also a Coordinator of the School Psychology Department who draws and implements with her team the psychological services towards the school community. Her aim is to promote mental health in the school environment by administrating programs of social and emotional education inside classroom. At the same time, having a strong history in the field of diagnosis and treatment of emotional and behavioral disorders, helps children, adolescents and their families, on an individual basis, to confront difficulties and achieve change. As a Systemic Therapist, she believes in the power of cooperation between school, children, families and social services, when needed, and she ensures that the above mechanism works for the benefit of children. She has supported families suffering from mood disorders, behavioral problems, divorce, grief, loss and chronic illness.