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Immunotherapy: Open Access
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Immune system, emotional problems and stress in kids and teens with cancer in Cochabamba, Bolivia

International Conference on Tumor & Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy

July 28-30, 2016 Melbourne, Australia

Mariadel Rosario Davalos Gamboa

University of San Simon, Bolivia

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Abstract :

Introduction: In the Plurinational State of Bolivia is little known as influenced, of the status immunological, emotional problems and stress in cancer of children and adolescents. Objectives: The objective of this study was to determine the influence they had, the immune system, emotional problems and stress for the development of different types of cancer in children and adolescents in the region of Cochabamba, Bolivia. Methods: Cross-sectional study realized in January and February 2016, in children and adolescents who regularly attend in Hospital Manuel Ascencio Villarroel, with aged 2 months to 16 years of age (n=45) in the region of Cochabamba (Bolivia). Parents and or guardians of participants were surveyed. A descriptive analysis was performed. Results: They had two or more signs and symptoms (low immunity) that the immune system was weakened 86.67%. They were usually affected by influenza and viruses 51.11% had muscle pain and joint constant 44.44%, had watery eyes and nose running 35.55%, had persistent headache 40%, much tired and fatigued despite the rest 35.56%, sick regularly 31.11%, was delayed recovery of disease 28.88%, exhibited a fixed pattern of disease 28.88% and quarreled endlessly with the disease 24.44%. They had two or more warning signs, symptoms and physical changes in stress 79.26%. Especially, headache and stomach 53.33%, disturbance in food 51.11%, they felt anxious 48.89%, were too sensitive 46.67%, were tired 44.44%, had nightmares 37.77 %, they were distracted or thoughtful 33.33%, were concerned 31.11%, her hands sweat 22.22%. They had one or more emotional problems mismanaged, for loss, failure or trauma 60.0%. Often they felt: Distressed 40%, depressed or anxious 37.78%, exhausted 33.33%, felt fear or loneliness 22.22%, angry 20%, extreme anxiety 15.56% and nervous anguish 15.56%. Conclusions: This study found that for the development of cancer suffered by children and adolescents, they influenced both mismanaged emotional problems, as stress and especially the immune system weakened in them, as a result of psychosomatic disorders that exposed them to the disease.

Biography :

Mariadel Rosario Davalos Gamboa has completed her PhD at the Universidad Mayor Real and Pontifical San Francisco Xavier de Chuquisaca, Bolivia and Specialty in Clinical Biochemistry and Immunology at University of San Simon in Cochabamba, Bolivia. She was the Director of the Research Institute of the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of San Simon in Cochabamba, Bolivia. She is currently a Professor of the subject of Biochemistry of Faculty of Dentistry UMSS and is also majority shareholder of the industrial unit "Asociada Internacional de aceites y carbones SRL ACECAB" of Bolivia. She has published more than 10 articles in leading journals.