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Hypertension in Mongolian adults

International Conference on Hypertension & Healthcare

August 11-12, 2016 Toronto, Canada

Enkhtuya Palam, Ouynbileg Janchiv, Otgontuya Dugee, Sodgerel Batjargal, Tsogzolmaa Bayandorj and Tsogtbaatar Byambaa

Public Health Institute, Mongolia
Monash University, Australia
National Institute for Medical Science, Mongolia
World Health Organization, Mongolia

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Abstract :

Mean systolic blood pressure (SBP) was 125.6 mmHg (95% CI 124.3-127.0) in the study population in general and 129.8 mmHg (95% CI 128.4-131.1) in men and 121.4 mmHg (95% CI 120.0-122.9) in women. Mean SBP was higher in men compared to women. Mean diastolic blood pressure (DBP) was 78.9 mmHg (95% CI 78.1-79.6) in the study population in general, and 79.6 mmHg (95% CI 78.7-80.5) in men and 78.1 mmHg (95% CI 77.3-78.9) in women. No significant difference was detected between genders. SBP â�?¥140 and/or DBP â�?¥90 mmHg or currently on medication for raised blood pressure: Prevalence of hypertension was 27.3% (95% CI 24.9-29.8) in the study population, 31.5% (95% CI 28.3-34.7) in men and 23.2% (95% CI 20.7-25.7) in women (Annex 1.40-43). Prevalence of hypertension in men was higher than in women. Prevalence of hypertension was 25.3% (95% CI 21.8-28.8) in urban and 29.3% (95% CI 26.1-32.6) in rural settings with no significant differences between genders when stratified by locality. Of those with hypertension, 63.7% (95% CI 59.8-67.6) were diagnosed newly. Men accounted for 74.3% (95% CI 69.7-78.9) and women â�?�? for 48.7% (95% CI 44.0-53.4) of newly diagnosed cases. Almost half (40.9%) of the newly diagnosed cases had never had their blood pressure measured, 37.3% had not been diagnosed with hypertension although had blood pressure measurements in the past and 21.8% discovered they had hypertension in the past 12 months, but did not take anti-hypertensive drugs. The above finding demonstrated that self-monitoring of blood pressure in the population was not sufficient. Prevalence of hypertension among Mongolian aged 15-64 years was 27.3%. Men had significantly higher prevalence of hypertension compared to women. There was no significant difference in the prevalence of hypertension between urban and rural population.

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