Green Chemistry as a tool to prevent pharmaceutical hazards and pollution
Organic Chemistry: Current Research

Organic Chemistry: Current Research
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Green Chemistry as a tool to prevent pharmaceutical hazards and pollution

2nd International Conference on Past and Present Research Systems of Green Chemistry

September 14-16, 2015 Orlando, USA

Gannu Praveen Kumar1 and G Shashikanth2

1Sahasra Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, India 2Hoffmann-La Roche, USA

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Abstract :

Green chemistry expresses an area of research developing from scientific discoveries about pollution awareness and it utilizes a set of principles that reduce or eliminate the use or generation of hazardous substances in all steps of particular synthesis or process. Chemists and medicinal scientists can greatly reduce the risk to human health and the environment by following all the valuable principles of green chemistry. The most simple and direct way to apply green chemistry in pharmaceuticals is to utilize eco-friendly, non-hazardous, reproducible and efficient solvents and catalysts in synthesis of drug molecules, drug intermediates and in researches involving synthetic chemistry. Microwave synthesis is also an important tool of Green chemistry by being an energy efficient process. Green chemistry has grown from a small idea into a new approach to the scientifically based environmental protection. By using green chemistry procedures, we can minimize the waste of materials, maintain the atom economy and prevent the use of hazardous chemicals. Researchers and pharmaceutical companies need to be encouraged to consider the principles of green chemistry while designing the processes and choosing reagents.

Biography :

Gannu Praveen Kumar is a Professor and Principal in Sahasra Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences graduated from H.K.E’s society college of Pharmacy, Gulbarga University in 1997, Post graduation from BITS, Pilani in 1999 and PhD from UCPSC, Kakatiya University in 2009. He worked as Assistant Professor for Vaagdevi College of Pharmacy, as Associate Professor for SR college of Pharmacy, as Professor and HOD for Talla Padmavathi college of Pharmacy and as Professor & HOD for St. Peter’s Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences. Since 2009, he was appointed as an external examiner for post graduation and has guided 30 MPharm students. He has published in both National and International journals and compiled few chapters for text books. He received Gem of India award in the year 1999. He was selected as a best academician of Vaagdevi College of Pharmacy and Talla Padmavathi college of Pharmacy. He is an advisor for few pharmaceutical companies. He visited foreign countries like London, Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia and Spain as invited speaker.

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