Good practices on pharma distribution: A case study
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Journal of Developing Drugs
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Good practices on pharma distribution: A case study

3rd International Summit on GMP, GCP & Quality Control

September 25-26, 2014 Valencia Convention Centre, Spain

Bruno Guella

Accepted Abstracts: J Dev Drugs

Abstract :

The existing GDP (Good Distribution Practices) guidelines set up general principles on distribution of medicinal products, but the reality of their implementation can often be nuanced. At the Global level, distribution faces additional challenges, more so in regions like Latin America, where going across national borders is anything but easy. The markets, however, are still there, demanding distribution to more than 200 million people. In this context, the choice of 3PL can play a crucial role in strengthening the global supply chain. A necessary condition for this achievement is the setting up of a real partnership that transcends the heretofore commonplace customer-supplier relationship. The most commonly used models of contracts with these operators will be presented. The benefits of the RDC (Regional Distribution Center) model may involve not just good distribution practices, but other issues that are often more important to pharmaceutical companies (inventory planning, lower lead times, financial and tax benefits, product customization, and so on). Uruguay, squeezed between two regional giants, Brazil and Argentina, has proven the best solution in negotiating these difficulties, a major reason why many global companies have chosen this small country as their Gateway to the region. Having the only free trade zone inside a South American airport represents an additional benefit. Several examples of multinational companies will show how these benefits apply to concrete cases

Biography :

Bruno Guella is an Industrial Engineer Graduated in Business Administration. Diploma in Logistics, USA and Uruguay. He has been global Operations and Commercial manager in logistics services companies, having designed and successfully implemented regional distribution of goods for global companies. He has also served as consultant to multinational companies and public organizations in areas of management control systems and strategic planning. He is currently General Manager at TCU S.A. - Logistics operator of Corporacion America, and Advisor to the COO at Inframerica (airports of Brazil).