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Journal of Glycobiology

Journal of Glycobiology
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Glycotargeting: Therapeutic benefit of konjacglucomannan for wound healing

Glycobiology World Congress

August 10-12, 2015 Philadelphia, USA

Munira Shahbuddin

Posters-Accepted Abstracts: J Glycobiol

Abstract :

Carbohydrates are important in the structure-activity relationship of complex biological processes through their
interactions with proteins and other biological entities. Konjacglucomannan (KGM) is a plant heteropolysaccharides of
D-mannose and D-glucose have shown great potential in wound healing due to its selective stimulation and inhibition of
cellular proliferation, migration and sustain cellular viability in unchanged medium for 20 days. We identified factors such as
molecular weight, extraction process and Glu:Man ratio of KGM to affect cellular proliferation of human primary fibroblasts,
keratinocytes and adipose stem cells which may be beneficial for smart drug delivery, cell transportation and molecular studies.
The effects of KGM molecular structures and polymerization processes in the production of hydrogels were also examined on
two dimensional cell culture and tissue engineered (TE) skin where its physicochemical properties stimulated the migration,
proliferation and inhibition of the contraction of normal and wounded TE skin without disrupting the formation of dermalepidermal
layer. From our studies, KGM exhibited interesting therapeutic benefit for wound healing and understanding of key
elements in the mechanism of actions induced by KGM is very important for scientific applications.