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Gabapentin does not have a direct effect on raphe megnus neurotransmitter releasing in rats

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November 26-28, 2012 Hilton San Antonio Airport, USA

Mohammad Mehdi Namvaran

Posters: J Clinic Toxicol

Abstract :

G abapentin which is effective in the treatment of chronic neuropathic pain has more recently extended into the management of more acute conditions, particularly in the perioperative period. A number of mechanisms may be involved in the actions of gabapentin.The nucleus raphe magnus (NRM) a serotonergic nucleus functions to inhibit afferent nociceptive transmission through descending antinociceptive pathways. In order to figure out the effect of gabapentin in NRM and pain the concentrations of noradrenalin (NA), serotonin (5HT) and their metabolites in NRM were measured before and after the formalin test. Thirty two male Sprague-Dawley albino rats used in four groups and each one includes 8 rats; group I: control, group II: formalin test, group III: gabapentin, and group IV: gabapentin and formalin test. The concentrations of neurotransmitters were detected in samples by HPLC-ECD every 15 minutes. Significant variations observed 25 and 30 minutes after injection of formalin in group II and group IV (p= 0.038 & p= 0.039). Reactions to pain (pain scores) and concentration of neurotransmitters in third samples of group IV significantly reduced in compare with their counterpart samples in group II, which shows the effect of gabapentin mainly in chronic phase of formalin test as an acute pain. Consequently, it is may concluded that gabapentin doesn?t have a direct effect on NRM and may regulates the neurotransmitters in NRM.

Biography :

Mohammad Mehdi Namvaran was graduated from Shiraz University of medical sciences, Faculty of pharmacy and got his Pharm.D degree. Now at the age of 28 he is student of Biotechnology Ph.D in School of Pharmacy, Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences