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Journal of Developing Drugs
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From molecules to market

5th International Summit on GMP, GCP & Quality Control

August 12-13, 2016 Toronto, Canada

Luciano Calenti

ACIC Fine Chemicals Inc., Canada

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Abstract :

â�?¢ To accomplish a desired systemic effect, drug molecules must reach the systemic circulation after extravascularResearch
â�?¢ Academic Research
â�?¢ Applied Research
â�?¢ Research Companies
â�?¢ The state of affairs in Canada
â�?¢ Synergy between business and academia
â�?¢ Downstream Development
â�?¢ Upscale of production
â�?¢ Status / Review of Canadian & US General Market
â�?¢ Strong influence of tighter regulations from Health Canada & FDA
â�?¢ Development of dosage form to commercialization of products â�?�? very few products go through the whole process in Canada and too many Canadian inventions end up being foreign products imported into Canada
â�?¢ There is little incentive in Canada to go from Molecule to Market
â�?¢ Government - Be it federal or provincial, has never looked at the whole chain of from Molecule to Market. That would enrich Canadian Science, as well as Canadian Manufacturing and Canadian Profits.

Biography :

Luciano has been involved in pharmaceuticals in Europe since the late sixties and arrived in North America in 1969 to join the pioneers of the generic industry and became a key supplier of antibiotics to both the branded and generic industries. He moved to Canada in 1973, founded ACIC and masterminded the Corporation’s evolution from distribution to research and development, as well as manufacturing in both APIs and Pharmaceuticals for the pharmaceutical industry worldwide. Luciano served as Chairman of CDMA (Canadian Drug Manufacturers’ Association) for three and a half years (1985-1988). He is also a founding member of GPIA (Generic Pharmaceutical Industry Association) in the United States and continues to serve on the Board of Directors for the organization now called the Generic Pharmaceutical Association (GPhA). Luciano has further spearheaded the globalization of the company to reflect the present and the future of the pharmaceutical industry, tirelessly working to promote timely access to affordable pharmaceuticals for everyone.