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Journal of Proteomics & Bioinformatics
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Environment and water treatment

18th World Congress on Structural Biology

September 28, 2022 | Webinar

N.Ben Tahar

MÔ??hamed Bougara University-Boumerdes, Algeria

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Abstract :

It is often said that water is not necessary to life ... “Water is simply life”. Three quarters of the earth’s surface is covered by water. These figures are impressive, but compared to the amazing photographs that come from space, they have little effect. They reveal a beautiful blue planet, bathing in water, partly hidden in a veil of clouds. It is from these waters is that life emerged. As living bodies were transformed into structures more complex and sophisticated, they left the marine environment to reach the earth, drawing water most of their physical constitution. On the ground water that’s life. Water is also critical in manufacturing processes in any industry. Water use in a production unit has been greatly reduced by cutting waste and by technological advances. The restrictions go beyond just saving water they require for recycling in the circuits and fire service and water for extra cooling. In most processes, the water can act either as reactive as a solvent or as an agent used to carry cold or heat. In each specific case of use it is essential to know the water quality. Indeed the natural water that is to say the water in the rough may contain harmful substances which could have adverse consequences on equipment or chemical reactions. So we must recognize all these substances to adjust their content in the water before assigning it to a particular purpose. The legislation also imposes constraints on the content of water discharged into carbon compounds and suspended solids. There are also standard on nitrogen excretion. Subsequently, the water having participated in any manufacturing process must be either recycled or released into the wild. But this water may contain pollutants, so harmful, which may render it unusable without prior treatment or dangerous for the environment. Water should be purified as for recycling for the waste.

Biography :

Bennai Mohamed Tahar currently works at the Département d’Informatique, University M’Hamed Bougara of Boumerdes. Bennai does research in Software Engineering, Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence. Their most recent publication is ‘Towards a Generic Multi-agent Approach for Medical Image Segmentation’.