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Endocrinology & Metabolic Syndrome
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Diabetes Glaucoma Cure & Type2 Cure (Obesity and Stress Related Diabetes)

Global Meeting on Diabetes and Endocrinology

July 23-24, 2018 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Vivek Kamath

Reiki Master, Mexican Healing Master,
Melchizedek Healer, Crystal Healer and Past Life Regression Therapy Expert

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Abstract :

Statement of the Problem: Diabetes Type 2 & Glaucoma Healing. As most of us are aware Type 2 diabetes can be controlled and cured completely with the diet, workouts (yoga), effective stress management and other healing methods. Glaucoma Healing�?? Without any medicines We had 1 patient with high blood pressure and due to which he lost one eye sight completely and the other one he lost around 70% of the eye sight. We started giving this patient Mexican healing and distant Reiki Healing within few days we could see that 3 of his dead retina cells activated. We took the patient to the same hospital and conducted his eye test after 1 week of healing; there were changes in his eye sight. The pattern report showed us 3 active retina cells (which was dead in the earlier report taken). The lab technician of the hospital confirmed that there was a improvement of sight in the new report. We took the patient to meet his Ophthalmologist but ophthalmologist gave us negative reply saying �??as per medical science the patient can�??t get back sight and ophthalmologist mentioned us that sight will deteriorate as the time progresses�?�. We asked the ophthalmologist to check the sight improvement situations with the patient and patient replied saying he has slight improvement in his eye sight. Moreover, he was feeling tingling sensation when we were passing the Reiki Distant Healing energy to his eyes. This could be a miracle and an experiment beyond science. We are still working with lot of research in this field. According to medical science, there is no cure for Type1 Diabetes, Low Blood Pressure and many other diseases. However, we have brought lot of patients out of these diseases using powerful ancient healing techniques. Type 2 Diabetes Patients Healing �?? 5 days distant healing result Some people are suffering from diabetes because of obesity and some are suffering due to many psychological reason. Unless we heal their psychological problems we can�??t bring their glucose level. In Reiki healing methods, we can easily heal patients problems related to the brain by healing those typical hormones. We have seen patients going to trance state and feeling calmness in their mind. I had 2 Diabetes patients from Dubai approached me for a Reiki Distant Healing. The first case was Insulin dependent obese lady aged 45 years and the second one was her husband aged 50 who was having lot of work and travel related stress and anxiety related case. We started giving them Reiki Distant Healing from India to these 2 patients. Before starting REIKI treatment her fasting blood glucose level was 217 mg/Dl within 5 days of Reiki Distant healing her FB glucose level went down to 130 mg/Dl. There was no change in diet or workout. We managed to remove her fat and energize Pancreas. The second case her husband has not done any changes in work out or diet. We managed to heal his stress hormones and pancreas. His initial FB glucose level before initiating reiki treatment was 220 mg/Dl and it came down to 140 mg/Dl within 5 days of completing treatment. More importantly, we wanted to high light here that these 2 patients had their PPBS (postprandial) rating was 450 mg/dl and after 5 days of reiki distant healing we could able to bring it back to 155 mg/dl just by healing or burning their excess fat in obesity case and healing stress hormones in other case. We have burn 4 Kgs of fat in one month duration. There was no food control or work out done by the patient during our treatment. Visit our website to to watch our testimonials and healing therapies.

Biography :

Vivek Kamath founder of heal the world organization is a Reiki Master, Mexican Healer, Melchizedek Healer, Crystal Healer and Past Life Regression Therapy Expert. He has healed many diabetic patients (Type1, Type2, Type 3/1.5/LADA) without any medicines. He has also healed Cancer (stage 4) blood pressure (both high and low blood pressure), heart disease (removed the heart blockages), removed kidney stones, ovarian cysts, fibrosis of the breast, fatty liver, lungs disease, cured sinusitis, sever joint pain, lumbar L5 spinal disk pain, Sciatica pain, neck pain, constipation, rheumatoid arthritis, glaucoma, migraines, headaches, insomnia, stomach related problem, IBS, diabetic gum problems, skin problems( dry skin, eczema) and chronic nasal allergies, nasal blockages without any medicines. Some of the above treatments have been completed within a week to maximum 1 month duration.