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Clinical & Experimental Cardiology

Clinical & Experimental Cardiology
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Device-based home treatment of heart pathologies via telemedicine

5th International Conference on Clinical & Experimental Cardiology

April 27-29, 2015 Philadelphia, USA

Larry V Lapanashvili

Posters-Accepted Abstracts: J Clin Exp Cardiolog

Abstract :

Muscular Counterpulsation (MCP) is a novel noninvasive technology of bio-mechanical assisted circulation, which is realized via skeletal muscles electrostimulation during diastole ( Numbers of animal and patient studies were performed in university hospitals of Switzerland, Germany, Russia, Ukraine and Georgia confirmed safety and efficacy of the method. MCP can offload the left ventricle by reducing after-load for about 20% with notable improvement of coronary perfusion. MCP as all other external counterpulsation methods has third, most prominent effect - pre-load increase which could be a problem for CHF patients. MCP versus EECP can avoid undesirablevenous flow acceleration via skeletal-musclepump power control and create conditions for revers re-modeling pathologic geometry of the insufficient heart. The latest generation of the portable, battery-powered MCP device via Bluetooth could be couple with laptop, tablet or even mobile phone for distance ECG and stimulation control. Patient only has to fixe electrodes on the body following the instruction and switch on the system. This telemedicine systemgives unique opportunity to observe and managevia internet patients? home treatment process. Even though MCP has similar clinical effects as EECP or IABP does, it should not be consider as there competitor. MCP should be position for extend and spread counterpulsation?s indications as device-based treatment and even prophylaxes of heart pathologies. It opens new niche in MDs portfolio and constitutes a completely new market segment.