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Components of a successful training model for statistical reporting in the pharmaceutical industry

Global Pharma Summit

August 10-12, 2015 Philadelphia, USA

Helen M Chmiel

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Abstract :

In the current highly competitive and global market, organizations in the pharmaceutical and biotech business sectors are forced to either adapt to the current conditions or perish. The pharmaceutical and biotech industry have an added stress or of necessary and ever changing regulatory oversight of their product line. One contract research organization (CRO) has responded to the current conditions with a well thought-out learning and placement model consisting of cooperation between industry and academia. The goal of this specialized training program was a viable industry placement by the CRO at the end of training. This program is now completing its second year of implementation. The model implemented specific curriculum coupled with industry mentoring to prepare students for entering the research and development effort of clinical trial reporting with SAS programming and statistical reporting skills. The model will be explored with the purpose of understanding its factors of success, which include a high retention rate and placement of each graduate in an entry level position in the partnering organization. Theoretical models of leadership, team building, and organizational learning will be explored within the context of the practicing model. This understanding will offer insight into the root components leading to the successful implementation of this model, such as, commitment from the client for placement, relationship with the university, strategic and technical leadership, and built in incentives for the students. Future research directions will also be explored as a result of this working model.

Biography :

Helen M Chmiel completed her Doctoral work at Indiana Wesleyan University, in August, 2013 with a specialty in organizational leadership. She is a Senior Project Manager at Experis, Manpower Group, where she oversees multiple SAS programming and Biostatistics projects for a biotech organization client. She has more than 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and device industries as a SAS Programmer, Biostatistician, and manager. She has participated as a speaker at both PharmaSUG and American Statistical Association conferences.