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Clinical & Experimental Cardiology
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Clinical scenario of primary dyslipidemia in the pediatric age group: An Egyptian experience

3rd Global Summit on Heart Diseases

November 02-03, 2017 Bangkok, Thailand

Rania Hosny Tomerak

Cairo University Children√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?s Hospital, Egypt

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Abstract :

Objectives: To study the frequency of occurrence of the diff erent forms of primary dyslipidemia to display their various clinical presentations and their lipid profi le before and six months aft er therapy. Methods: Prospective study was conducted in the Cairo University Children√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?s Hospital. 20 primary dyslipidemia cases were included with history taking, clinical examination, electrocardiography and echocardiography. Investigations included: Total cholesterol, total triglycerides, LDL-C and HDL-C using enzymatic colorimetric methods, ApoA1, Apo B100 were evaluated using a Behring nephelometer. Diff erent therapeutic modalities were off ered and reassessment of laboratory tests was done every three months. Results: Parents were consanguineous in 75%. 11 cases had hypercholesterolaemia; eight had xanthoma, one had xanthelasma, two had hypo pigmentation, three had corneal arcus, one had lipaemia retinalis and six had cardiac manifestations among which one case had myocardial infarction and one case died. Th ree cases had hypertriglyceridemia; three had milky plasma, two had xanthoma, two had lipaemia retinalis, one case had pancreatitis and none had cardiac manifestations. Six cases had mixed hyperlipidemia; fi ve had xanthoma, three had lipaemia retinalis and two had cardiac manifestations. Aft er six months of multi-drug use, the laboratory lipid profi le was unsatisfactory in majority of the cases. Conclusion: Primary dyslipidemia may present early and pediatricians should have high index of suspicion. Th ese children should be put on early strict lipid reduction protocols to prevent complications.

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