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Journal of Infectious Diseases & Preventive Medicine
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Chronic bacterial intoxication syndrome under the mask of CFS/ME

Joint Event on 8th International Congress on & Infectious Diseases & 10th International Conference on Tropical Medicine and Infectious Diseases

February 15-16, 2021 | Webinar

Markov Igor S and Markov Artem I

Markov Clinic, Ukraine
National Medical University, Ukraine

Scientific Tracks Abstracts: J Infect Dis Prev Med

Abstract :

We, Markov Igor S and Markov Artem I, present you the research work (the study/manuscript) “Chronic Bacterial Intoxication Syndrome under the mask of CFS/ME” about the never & nowherebefore- published unique original results of the almost 12-years (2009-2020) systematic clinical research of the true etiology of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (CFS/ ME); about the new revolutionary previously unknown diagnosis Chronic Bacterial Intoxication Syndrome (CBIS) that gives such a long-awaited in-depth clinical understanding and discovery of the true basic etiological and pathogenetic causes of the long-known and worldwide-spread, but still etiologically mysterious CFS/ME; about clinical prompt diagnostics and unique successful methods of treatment of CBIS (treated more than 4500 patients: children-2160, adults-2340), hidden till the moment being under the mask of CFS/ME. The search for the true origin and causes of CFS, which are globally associated mainly with the chronic EBV-infection, was started by our clinics back in 2005 after 5 years of unsuccessful attempts to achieve positive results with intensive anti-viral therapy. It took 10 long years, in order to the authors themselves could believe in what it seemed impossible to believe. In all patients with typical features of CFS there was revealed a focus of chronic bacterial infection in the kidneys, which more often remained clinically locally asymptomatic and was called Nephro dysbacteriosis. Bacteria toxins, that were extracted from urine, persisted in the kidneys for years and decades and caused severe often long-term intoxication and led to the development of a pathological condition that till the moment being is called CFS. So appeared a new previously unknown diagnosis chronic bacterial intoxication syndrome (CBIS) which etiologically and pathogenetically really reflects the diversified (symptomatically often multidisciplinary) clinic of this disease. The severity of intoxication often made the life of patients simply insufferable, therefore 28% of adults and even 1.4% of children experienced suicidal thoughts. Intoxication grade was confirmed by toxicological blood investigation. The treatment of the patients with CBIS was successfully carried out by bacterial auto vaccines without traditional (“according to the Protocol”) prescribing of antibiotics. Moreover, it was found that in at least 90% of patient’s nephron dysbacteriosis and CBIS had developed precisely after thoughtless, expansive and aggressive antibiotic therapy, which often began in childhood. Taking into consideration in fact global treatment by antibiotics, how many people worldwide are really suffering from nephron dysbacteriosis and CBIS, not receiving adequate treatment? All clinical paths of removing the mask from CFS and of diagnostical transformation of CFS into CBIS is described consequentially and argumentally in the cycle of 9 reports/articles on clinical diagnosis, on bacteriological and toxicological diagnosis and treatment of CBIS. Below you find the first part of whole study “chronic bacterial intoxication syndrome under the mask of CFS/ME”, namely Reports 1.-6. “Clinical diagnosis”. The second part of the study (Reports 7-9.) will contain data on bacteriological diagnosis (Report 7), toxicological diagnosis (Reports 8) and treatment of CBIS (Report 9). It’s ready for publication and now some data are being translated in English. And else: the current urgent situation with SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) is considered as an acute pandemic. But CFS/ME, correctly called as CBIS, which also do not recognize geographical boundaries and reap their deadly harvests during decades of proliferation in the world (the officially registered CFS number is up to 1% of global population, i.e. about 70-80 million people), can be courageously considered as a global infectious disease and a chronic pandemic, the fight against which remains no less urgent. And if humanity will be saved from Covid-19 by anti-SARS-CoV-2 vaccines, we believe that we have invented such a vaccine against disease called by us CBIS, hidden under the mask of CFS/ME.

Biography :

Markov Igor is the director of Markov Clinic and Vitacell Clinic, Kyiv, Ukraine. Practicing infections with experience 44 years. He graduated from Pediatric faculty of Dnepropetrovsk Medical Institute, Ukraine, in 1977. He has completed Dr.-med. in 1983 for repeated icterus at viral Hepatitis (that allowed distinguishing between relapses of the disease from nosocomial hospital superinfections) and Dr.-med.habil. for Yersiniosis in Mongolia in 1990. He published more than 200 scientific and popular-science papers in infectious diseases, incl. 4 monograthes. Markov Artem has graduated from Pediatric faculty of National Medical University, Kyiv, Ukraine, in 2012, and completed his PhD (med.) in 2020 from National Medical University, Kyiv, Ukraine. Practicing infectionist with experience 9 years.