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Chiral drugs development by chromatography

International Conference and Exhibition on Pharmaceutical Development and Technology

April 24-26, 2017 Dubai, UAE

Imran Ali

Jamia Millia Islamia Central University, India

Scientific Tracks Abstracts: J Develop Drugs Res

Abstract :

In spite of US FDA and European agencies guidelines for marketing of optically active (homochiral) drugs, the racemic mixtures of chiral drugs are being sold and prescribed by clinicians in most of the Asian and African countries, resulting into some diseases and various side effects in human beings. It is a matter of great concern for all of us to have well developed, prosperous and healthy world. Therefore, there is a great need to design and develop economic, effective and selective methods of chiral drugs. The optically active drugs may be manufactured either by synthesis or separation of racemic mixture into optically active chiral drugs. To the best of my experience, the later approach is suitable and practical, which can be performed easily by HPLC. In this context, the development of HPLC methods for chiral separation at analytical level is the first step followed by the transfer of the developed conditions to preparative HPLC scale. The lecture will emphasize the need of chiral dugs. Besides, the state-of-art of chiral drugs development by HPLC will also be discussed. Additionally, attempts will be made to describe the modes of awareness among clinicians and general public for the need and use of chiral drugs.

Biography :

Imran Ali, PhD, FRSC, CChem, is a world recognized Academician and Researcher. He completed his PhD from Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, Roorkee, India. He is known globally for his great contributions in the development of chiral and anti-cancer drugs and water treatment. He has published more than 350 papers in reputed journals including papers in Nature and Chemical Reviews of more than 41 impact factor. He has also five books published by Marcel Dekker, Inc., USA; Taylor & Francis, USA; John Wiley & Sons, USA; John Wiley & Sons, UK; Elsevier, The Netherlands. His citation is 11,000 with H index 44.