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Challenges to the state of global herbalism

Pharmaceutical Summit and Expo

October 08-10, 2015 New Delhi, India

Memory Elvin-Lewi

Washington University, USA

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Abstract :

The world view on the use and value of herbalism has radically changed in the past few years. This is primarily due to efforts to record and understand the worth of pharmacopeias both well-known and others of less known indigenous origin and the dissemination of this knowledge through the internet and other sources, e.g., monographs, etc. Add to this the inventiveness of this era which has caused the creation of a large number of new formulations often representing mixtures of medicinal and other plants from disparate cultures in addition to the presence of supplementary, sometimes hidden components such as pharmaceuticals. Within this context, there is always the risk of adverse reactions occurring should adulterations, unintentional or otherwise exist or if interactions between bioreactive plant components and orthodox drugs takes place. Under these circumstances, it is difficult to assess the safety, efficacy and value of many of these remedies particularly since there are different national policies associated with the oversight and regulation of their formulations and uses. In addition, there is a wide variance in how conventional medicine views or integrates these practices into their preventative or medicinal regimens. This presentation will provide an overview of this subject, providing examples of the issues involved and how the international community is seeking to overcome those of a more problematical nature.

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