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Journal of Developing Drugs
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Challenges and opportunities for biosimilar industry in China

International Conference and Expo on Generic Drug Market & Contract Manufacturing

November 07-09, 2016 Barcelona, Spain

Jianguo Yang


Keynote: J Develop Drugs

Abstract :

Biosimiar industry will take considerable market share in pharmaceutical industry worldwide in next decade. As one of major biosimilar markets, China market will be more focused for pharmaceutical industry though current biosimilar industry in China is still in infant stage. This presentation will articulate paramount challenges and fascinating opportunities for biosimilar industry in China.

Biography :

Jianguo Yang has nearly 20 years of international biopharma industry experience, including in Abbott Lab (current Abbiev), MedImmune/Astrozeneca, Genzyme/ Sanofi in US and, recently VP/CSO in Qilu Pharmaceutical. As international recognized expert in bioprocess, he achieved world record of high mammalian cell line productivity and published numerous patents and papers. He is an Editorial Advisor and Reviewer of Bioprocess International (Journals), and Executive Director, Sino-America Pharmaceutical Association (SAPA), and reviewer for scientific journals, and a frequently-invited speaker for international conferences. He got his PhD in Cell/Molecular Biology from IlIinois Institute of Technology, USA.