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Body of knowledge Indonesian traditional medicine

19th International Conference on Traditional Medicine and Acupuncture & 10th International Conference on Pharmaceutical Research and Drug Discovery & 25th Global Biotechnology Conference

October 25, 2022 | Webinar

Amarullah Hasanuddin Siregar

Clayton College of Natural Health, USA

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Abstract :

The healing system with the concept of returning to nature "back to nature" is currently getting a lot of attention in the global community, because this system is in fact still alive and developing, in tandem with modern medical systems. The concept of back to nature that is echoed in developed countries inspires health experts to develop traditional healing systems, because they can be an option or companion in improving health quality and preventing individual and community diseases. Indonesia since thousands of years ago has had its own traditional healing which is supported by the wealth of natural resources and the diversity of healing expertise. This system is still developing, some of it has even become a system that is quite entrenched in society. The concept of healing and healing using natural ingredients has become a trend in society along with people's desire to reduce or stop the use of chemicals in healing. The desire to make Indonesian Traditional Healing respectable domestically and internationally requires a solid foundation to strengthen and develop Indonesian Traditional Healing in the form of a Body of Knowledge. One of the natural resources in Indonesia is a lot of plants which can be used in healing diseases. Those kinds of plants can be used in "Jamu". Jamu is a name given to traditional medicine in Indonesia. Usually Jamu is composed from several plants as ingredients. Particularly, some parts of the plant like the leaves, roots, or branches have different purpose in Jamu. Nowadays the knowledge about Jamu can be known by building Ontology.

Biography :

Amarullah Hasanuddin Siregar is a Profession in Health Care Specialist, Homeopathic Medicine Consultant, Naturopathic Medicine Consultant, and Anti-Aging Medicine Practitioner Functional Medicine Practitioner. She was secretary in District Indonesian Medical Assoc, South Tapanuli Chairman in District Indonesian Red Cross, South Tapanuli. Member in Selection of District Model Doctor.