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Awareness and knowledge of oral contraceptive among women living in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

8th Annual Pharma Middle East Congress

October 10-12, 2016 Dubai, UAE

Omair H A, Al Shehri SA, Asiri Y, Al Rahbeni T, Khashabh A and Sharaf Aldein D

Ministry of Health, KSA

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Abstract :

Background & Purpose: The main purpose of this study is to measure women��?s awareness and knowledge of oral contraceptive use in Riyadh region. Methods: An online questionnaire data was conducted in Saudi Arabia, in Riyadh region, from August to November 2015. Women now living in Riyadh were eligible for this study. Results: The study analyzed 1445 of oral contraceptive pill users who used it for different purposes. The knowledge of the correct way on OCP side effects was associated with age and length of usage. For every one-year increase in use, the odds ratio of awareness that OCP may cause depression was 61% higher and therefore duration of OCP usage was a significance predictor for knowledge even after adjusting for covariate (adjusted OR=1.523; 95% CI=1.053 to 2.203, p=0.009). At the baseline characteristics of 1,303 (90.03%) of the total women participated who thought that they have a little or enough information, univariate analysis showed that 1157 (80.07%) of women in total demanded for having more knowledge towards OCP. The research noticed that there is an enormous gap between participant��?s manner of practice and the correct method in all aspects. Consequently, the majority of participants were not able to deal with missing pill, diarrhea and vomiting. Reading OCP pamphlet were statistically significant with participant��?s age, marital status and whether they had OCP by prescription or not, p=0.003, p=0.001, & p=0.001, respectively. Conclusion: There is little information and knowledge that was noticed for OCP practice. Participants in this study were asked for more OCP��?s information and instructions.

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