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Anatomy & Physiology: Current Research
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Autophagy is involved in ethanol-induced heart tube malformation during early embryo development

International Conference on Anatomy and Physiology

August 11-13, 2016 Birmingham, UK

Xuesong Yang

Jinan University, China

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Abstract :

People know that excess alcohol consumption in pregnancy will increase the risk of incidence rate of congenital diseases especially in cardiovascular system. But the mechanism about the ethanol exposure-induced malformation of cardiogenesis in prenatal fetus still remains obscure. In this study, we demonstrated that ethanol exposure to gastrulating chick embryos enhanced the risk of cardia bifida occurrence, and ethanol exposure dramatically increased ATG7 and LC3 expression in gastrulating chick embryos. As key modulator of autophagy, mTOR expression was inhibited by ethanol exposure. The autophagy activation with RAPA also lead to cardia bifida in some gastrulating chick embryo, and simultaneously, GATA5 expression in heart tube raised. The RAPA beads implantation experiments showed that RAPA restricted VMHC expression around the RAPA beads. In vitro explant cultures of anterior primitive streak demonstrated that both ethanol and RAPA treatments could lessen the migratory ability and spontaneous beating frequency of the cardiac precursor cells. In addition, beads experiments showed that RAPA inhibited GATA5 expression during heart tube formation. And RT-PCR data indicated that BMP2 expression raised, GATA4 reduced and no change for BMP4. The exposure of ethanol down-regulated expressions of BMP2, GATA4 and FGF8, the genes related to cardiomyocyte differentiation, while heart tube fusion related genes including Wnt3a expression up-regulated, VEGF and Slit2 expression down-regulated. Taken together, our current experimental data revealed that the protuberance of autophagy and excess ROS generation are responsible for the ethanol exposure-induced malformation of hart tube during embryogenesis.

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