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Clinical & Experimental Cardiology
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Association of ovarian tumors with CA-125

Joint Conference on 17th European Heart Disease and Heart Failure Congress and 2nd International Conference on Cardiovascular Medicine and Cardiac Surgery

March 15-17, 2017 London, UK

Judith Elena Mart?­nez Acosta

Mexican Social Security Institute, Mexico

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Abstract :

Background & Aim: The tumor marker CA-125 is the most widely used serum marker for ovarian cancer screening. The aim of this paper was to establish the association between histopathologic result of ovarian tumors with serologic CA-125 and utility for the diagnosis of ovarian tumors at a gyneco-obstetric hospital. Methods: An observational, retrospective, descriptive and longitudinal study was done from September 1st 2010 to February 28th 2013. All patients with histopathologic report ovarian tumor and CA-125 was selected to analyze the association of ovarian tumors with their histological type, biological behavior, range positivity of CA-125 and its relationship to the pre and postmenopausal state. Results: Out of 1213 patients, 334 were included in the study. Utility of CA-125 in postmenopausal reported positive predictive value of 67.5% with sensitivity 72%, specificity 82.6% and negative predictive value 86.1%, both with p=0.001, mainly in the epithelial origin. In premenopausal, a low positive predictive value was reported. Conclusions: The CA-125 is useful for screening ovarian cancer in postmenopausal women mainly for epithelial origin.

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