Assessment and modeling of pore network development resulting fro | 34158
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Assessment and modeling of pore network development resulting from dissolution of carbonate rocks using a surface model from image data, Subis limestone, Sarawak, Malaysia

International Conference on Geosciences and Geophysics

October 06-07, 2016 Orlando, USA

Y Ibrahim, E Padmanabhan and S Andriamihaja

Universiti Teknologi Petronas, Malaysia

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Abstract :

This paper introduces a method for assessing changes in, and modeling the development of pore network of carbonate rocks as a result of dissolution. The method is based on utilizing 3D volume rendered from image data to construct a surface model from that volume using NURBS module available in ScanIP software package. Pores were visualized in 3D volume for the same sample prior and after dissolution. Before volume rendering from CT scan data, pore volume fraction was computed using a mask applied for the purpose of image segmentation. After volume rendering, a NURBS-based surface model was constructed for limestone sample where pores were in-depth visualized and the increase in porosity was assessed. The model showed that the pattern of pores prior to dissolution are mostly individual pores, whereas post dissolution pores tend to merge through the increase in pore body rather than pore throat. Based on that, a model describing the preferred pathways for dissolution was described.

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