An improved inventory of methane emissions from coal mining in th | 34148
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An improved inventory of methane emissions from coal mining in the China

International Conference on Geosciences and Geophysics

October 06-07, 2016 Orlando, USA

Ju Yiwen

University of Chinese Academy Sciences, China

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Abstract :

A more accurate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions inventory draws too much attention. For the resource endowment and technical status, China makes coal-related GHG emissions a big part of the inventory. Lacking stoichiometric carbon conversion coefficient and influenced by geological conditions and mining technologies, led previous efforts in estimating methane fugitive emission from coal mining in China to get discordant results. This paper proposes a new method to estimate CMM emissions based on analysis the feature of gas-geology distribution, coal property, mining operation and CMM emission process in China. The active data is composed of easy-to-access parameters i.e. in situ gas content, residual gas content and raw coal production, and determine mining influence coefficient variation in the range of 1.3 to 2.0 by regression analysis of typical coalmine��?s data. It not only overcomes the shortage of overestimation by emission factors methods (Tier 1 and Tier 2), but also surmounts the deficiencies of heavy workload, short timeliness and CMM emissions post-mining absence by relative CMM emissions method (Tier 3), just like verified in a case study with smallest error of +9.59%. The CMM emissions inventory compiling by the new method is better to reflect the reality of CMM emission in China.

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