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Journal of Cell Science & Therapy
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An exploration of the experiences of adolescents in poor urban contexts in Accra, Ghana

Global Conference on Cell and Gene Therapy - September 19, 2022 | Webinar

September 19, 2022 | Webinar

Diana Abena Ade

University of Ghana, Legon

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Abstract :

Poverty deprives children and adolescents of good sanitation, nutrition, shelter, education, and quality water and health services. In Ghana, there are limited studies on the experiences of adolescents in poor urban contexts and the impact of such experiences on their wellbeing. This study sought to explore adolescents’ perceptions of poverty, the nature of their experiences with poverty, and the impact on their wellbeing and aspirations using qualitative techniques. Following interviews with 20 adolescents from James Town (an urban poor area) in Accra, Ghana, results indicated that adolescents in poor urban contexts conceptualized using availability of basic needs, begging, nature of parent’s job, the state of individual’s clothing, engagement in janitorial duties and unsupportive environment as the criteria. While poor adolescents suffer from inadequate access to basic needs, sleeplessness, violence and unrest, they also recounted pleasant experiences from received support from community members and deepened motivation to pursue education. Although negative experiences led to lowered self-worth, perceived insecure aspirations, and possibly generational poverty for their descendants, they were determined to pursue education for a better future. Given the significance that adolescents attached to communal support within their environment, there is the need to promote communal support because of its relevance to the well-being of the individual and particularly adolescents within the society.

Biography :

Diana Abena Ade has completed her Master’s at the age of 27 years from University of Ghana, Ghana. She is currently applying for a doctarate degree programme at the Stellenbosch University. She is the psychologist at VIS Ghana, an NGO whose focus is to help children in orphanges and those reintegrated with thier families. Diana is also having her internship at the LekMA Hospital to gain her license as a practising clinical psychologist. She has collaborated in the publication of one paper in Antibiotics Use and Antimicrobial Stewardship and another paper is currently under review.