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Journal of Clinical Toxicology

Journal of Clinical Toxicology
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Aluminium intake of patients with classical austism spectrum: Nutritional facts and psychometabolic implications

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November 26-28, 2012 Hilton San Antonio Airport, USA

Luana Bacellar Melendez, D. L. dos Santos, M. M. Lopes, S. M. Sella, L. Q. de A. Caldas and E. V. da Silva-Filho

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Abstract :

A utism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) are premature neurodevelopment impairments in a child that leads to reduction or lacking of social interaction, communication and learning skills who shows restricted, repetitive and stereotyped patterns of behaviour, thoughts, interests and activities. A multidisciplinary 10 years Project integrating Nutritional, Behavioural, Clinical and Laboratorial studies has been proposed. The scores to assess the autism severity were obtained using a PDD � Behavioural Operational Inventory (PDD-BOI) adapted from Portage (2005). Simultaneously, the body burden of aluminum-associated proteins such as transferrin, albumin, imunoglobulin G, and also low molecular mass species, like citrato and cistein was tested by HPLC coupled with ICP-MS blood or urine for better understanding the role of this metal in the ASD. Prior analysis of the PDD-BOI showed the team meaningful exposure to toxic chemicals and during pregnancy. Apart from, evidence of the high level of vaccines and medications exposures. Other factors or even simple lack of planning the pregnancy may also contribute. Worthy is to highlight the presence of early signs of ASD from birth to six months and confirmation of the higher rate of incidence of the signals at three years of age. Preliminary results from the study of proteins bound to Al in human blood show that Al is mainly associated with transferrin, approximately 90% of the total. Results show that Al resistant (10%) are blinding mainly to low molecular mass species, wherever others Al species will be already investigate using case control study

Biography :

Luana Bacellar Melendez, 35 years old, is a Ph.D student from Federal Fluminense University, School of Chemistry. She has published 2 papers in reputed journals and was Junior Professor of Analytical Chemistry from the same University. Diana Lindoso dos Santos, 34 years old, is a Psycologyst from Federal Fluminense University, and a researcher on Clinical Psycology in autism earlier diagnostic from Brazilian Autism Care Association