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Aerosol delivery to ventilated infants

International Conference on Pediatrics & Gynecology

6-8 December 2011 Philadelphia Airport Marriott, USA

Jan Mazela

Accepted Abstracts: Pediatr Therapeut

Abstract :

There are several aerosolized drugs which have been used in the treatment of neonatal respiratory illnesses, such as: bronchodilators, diuretics and surfactants. Preclinical in vitro and in vivo studies identifi ed a number of variables that aff ect aerosol effi ciency including particle size, aerosol fl ows, nebulizer choice and placement. Nevertheless, an optimized aerosol drug delivery system for mechanically ventilated infants still does not exist. Th e results of the research focused on the inhalational therapies among infants requiring invasive and non-invasive ventilator support brought confl icting conclusions. Th ere were diff erent nominal doses used, which did not lead to consistent clinical and biological eff ects. Aerosol particle size as well as emitted dose at the patient interface was not analyzed in most of the randomized clinical studies, which does not allow for objective assessment of the eff ectiveness of inhalational therapies for diff erent indications. Increasing interest in the aerosol therapy requires more controlled and focused research of drug / device combinations appropriate for the neonatal population in the future.

Biography :

Dr. Jan Mazela graduated Medical University in Poznan, Poland in 1994. Following his residency in pediatrics, he completed fellowship in neonatology at the University of Illinois in Chicago. He served as a consultant to the European offi ce of the World Health Organization, where he served as a clinical expert for two years. He defended his PhD thesis in epidemiology in 2006. He has been appointed clinical consultant to Abbott Laboratories, Medimmune and Discovery Laboratories. At present he is Assistant Professor at the Department of Neonatology at Poznan University Hospital. His major research is focused now on aerosol therapy.