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Clinical & Experimental Cardiology
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Activity of daily living after CABG

20th European Cardiology Conference

October 16-18, 2017 | Budapest, Hungary

Ezzat Paryad, Alireza Bala afkandeh, Atefeh Ghanbary and Sedighe Pakseresht

Gilan University of Medical Sciences, Iran

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Abstract :

Introduction: CABG and use of cardiopulmonary bypass pump and severity of surgery can effect on patientâ??s ability to do activities of daily living. Objective: To determine the status of activities of daily living and related factors in patient undergoing CABG. Methods: In this cross-sectional study, 139 patients were selected by convenience sampling method and in three stages: before CABG, discharge and one month after CABG using a questionnaire including personal characteristics and related to disease, Charlson disease criteria, questionnaire of daily living activities and instrumental activities of daily living, standard questionnaire of hospital anxiety and depression and cognitive disorder questionnaire. Data were analyzed by Mann-Whitney, Kruskal-Wallis, and Wilcoxon. Logistic regression was used to determine related factors of ADL. Results: Findings showed majority of subjects were independent to do ADL in preoperative period (99.3%), in discharge time (70.5%) and one month after that (94.3%). Majority of subjects were independent to do IADL in preoperative period too (76.3%), but after one month 88.4% of them were independent to do IADL. In addition all of the subjects had depression in discharge time. The regression showed that the activities of daily living about a month after surgery, the number of children less than 2 (OR=14.62, C.I.95%=1.76-121.37, P=0.01) and aortic clamping time less than 60 minutes (OR=0.1, C.I.95%=0.01-0.97, P=0.04) were among predictive factors. Conclusion: Based on results most cases needed help. Thus, the rehabilitation of these people should be considered.

Biography :

Ezzat Paryad has completed his MSc in Nursing from Guilan University of Medical Sciences in Iran. She is Instructor in Nursing Department and teach about cardiac surgery perioperative care. He has published more than 15 papers in reputed journals and has been serving as an Associate Editor of Holistic Nursing & Midwifery Journal. She wrote three books about care of the patients before and after cardiac surgery in Persian.

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